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Faculty: Video Collections

Specialized services for Loyalist College Faculty.

Public Performance Rights Disclaimer

Note:  Public Performance Rights are limited to classroom showings for educational purposes at Loyalist College only.

Videos in the Library

The library provides a variety of videos in DVD and/or via online streaming. You may pre-book DVDs to use in the classroom at any time by visiting the circulation desk or by emailing Vanessa Lee.

We welcome purchase suggestions which supplement your course materials.

Videos in Canvas

Streaming videos may be linked to or embedded into Canvas. However, the instructor must be able to confirm that the video was originally uploaded by the copyright holder. For example, a TedX video that was uploaded by the official TedX account is fine to use. However, a TedX video that was uploaded by a different company or a personal account is not to be used. Feel free to contact the Copyright Technician should you need help in determining the copyright holder. 

Videos from library databases may be embedded into Canvas for ease of access for both students and professors. Simply find the streaming video file using the library's search screen and click on the link to the video. Each of the various streaming video databases will have a link to copy and paste into Canvas. 

For example, on the CBC Curio database you must click on Share and the copy the link to embed the video. 

Caution must be exercised when showing YouTube videos in class. The instructor or student showing the video must be able to confirm that it is not an illegal upload of the video. Here are some clues for determining if the copyright holder uploaded the video:

  • Look at the username and YouTube channel name. Many companies and organizations will have official YouTube Channels that they post their content to. 
  • The description of the video may include information about the copyright owner. 
  • Do not show YouTube videos with descriptions that include messages such as copyright infringement not intended

Should you need help determining the uploader of the content, please contact the Copyright Technician.

*It is never copyright infringement to provide students with a link to an online item or source. 

Streamed Video Collections at Loyalist College

Our streaming video collections

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