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Copyright: CLEAR (College Libraries Electronic Access Rights)

This is a guide to understanding your rights and responsibilities, in relation to copyright, as a member of the Loyalist College community.

CLEAR : College Libraries Electronic Access Rights - Loyalist College

CLEAR (College Libraries Electronic Access Rights)

CLEAR (College Libraries Electronic Access Rights)

The College Libraries Electronic Access Rights (CLEAR) Database is a tool  created to help college library users determine what they can and cannot do with electronic resources accessed from the library, such as journal articles, eBooks and videos. It provides answers to common questions such as:

Can I make an electronic copy for use in an e-reserve system?
Can I post a copy in a course management system?
Can I put it in a course pack?
Can I link to it?
Can I make print or electronic copies?

Answers are coded with Yes, No, or Ask, and a short description is available for each question. There may also be notes with additional information about permitted uses. In particular, when something is coded “Ask,” we recommend users check out the notes because the answer may be provided there.

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