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Faculty: Course Reserves

Specialized services for Loyalist College Faculty.

Course Reserves

What’s a course reserve?
Reserve materials are any items that instructors direct their students to read or view. This may include library materials, lecture notes or items from your own collection. Once placed on the reserve shelf, the items are available and accessible to all of your students. You may restrict its use to in-library use only or have us customize a loan period that best fits your needs such as overnight use only or a 2 or three day loan period.

How do I put something on reserve?
Materials can be dropped off in the library at any time. Let us know that the item is a course reserve, and provide your name, contact information, and the desired loan period - you can customize the loan period, or specify the item for in-library use only. You’ll also be asked if you’d like the item back at the end of the semester, or if you’d like to donate it. You don’t have to decide right away; we’ll contact you when the semester is over.

Why place something on reserve?
Course reserves are an excellent way to make sure that your students have access to materials for your classes – especially if they’re expensive or not easily accessible. It’s also useful in cases where a resource is out of print, or if you simply want to students to read a chapter or two or a particular item. Faculty may also place a copy of their course texts on reserve.

For questions about course reserves, please contact Carla Williamson at Ext. 2141.


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How do I find materials on course reserve?

Please Note! The library does not supply textbooks; students are expected to buy or rent their required texts. Course reserve materials are typically for in-library use only, for a maximum of three hours, with some exceptions. The time limit ensures that all students have a chance to use the material. Like all library materials, course reserves are subject to fines if returned late; students that return course reserve materials late may be fined $1.00 for every hour that the material is late. Library staff will note the time that a course reserve material is due back on the date due slip. If students have any questions or concerns, library staff are happy to help!

1. Go to the library's website at, and click on the Advanced Search button.

2. Select Course Reserves to limit your search, and then enter search terms in the box below. You can search by keyword, instructor name, course, and more!

3. Review your results, and narrow your search by either entering new search terms, or by using the limiters on the left side of the screen.


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