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Homepage: Policies and Rules

Welcome to The Parrott Centre, Loyalist College Library

Who Can Borrow Items?

Current students (full and part-time) - Simply present your student card at the circulation desk when borrowing items.  The library will also accept a copy of your current schedule from Banner along with a piece of photo identification, however your student card is preferred. Use your myLoyalist login credentials to access our eResources off-campus.

Distance Education students - Please present your student identification card if one has been issued or present a copy of your current schedule from Banner along with a piece of photo identification at the circulation desk.  Use your myLoyalist login credentials to access our eResources off-campus.

Continuing Education students - Please present a copy of your tuition receipt,enrollment status or current schedule from Banner along with a piece of photo identification at the circulation desk. Use your myLoyalist login credentials to access our eResources off-campus.

Faculty/Support Staff/Administration (full and part-time) - Please provide your name to our circulation desk staff.  You may be required to provide identification.  Use your myLoyalist login credentials to access our eResources off-campus.

Alumni Students, Staff Retirees - Students who have graduated from Loyalist College need to connect with the Alumni Office to obtain a letter of confirmation stating their Alumni status.  Alumni students and staff retirees may borrow 5 items at one time. Interlibrary-loan service and off-campus database access is not available to alumni students or staff retirees.

High School Students - A letter of authorization, on your school's letterhead, signed by your school Principal and photo ID are required to borrow Library books, however you may use our collection on-site at any time. Interlibrary-loan service  and off-campus database access is not available to high school students. Authorization letters are valid for the current academic year and will automatically expire on June 30th of each year.

Community Members - The Parrott Centre offers a one-year renewable membership to members of the community for a $25.00 annual fee. The library will issue a special membership card which will include your library number.  Interlibrary-loan service and off-campus database access is not available to Community Members.

Students/Faculty/Staff from other Ontario Community Colleges - All college staff, faculty or students may borrow in person from any Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology Library. The borrower must present a current identification card issued to the borrower by the home college. If a card is not available and/or no expiry date is indicated on the card, the lending library may request verification of current status.  The borrower is responsible for all items borrowed and is subject to terms and fees set-out by the lending library. 

What Can I Borrow and for How Long?

What Can Be Borrowed?
A maximum of 5 items may be borrowed at one time.

Books in our regular collection may be borrowed for a two-week period. One two-week renewal is permitted, provided another patron has not placed a request for the item. Items in our reference collection (indicated by a yellow reference sticker) or from our special collections (Lorraine Monk and John Peterson Photography Collections) may not be borrowed. The loan period for items on our Library Reserve Shelf will vary and is determined by the course instructor. Need to renew your books? Stop by the library, or follow these simple steps to renew online.

Magazines and journals may be borrowed for a 1-weeky loan. One renewal (additional 1 week) is permitted.

Reserve Material
Reserve material are items which faculty have placed in the library for use by their class. Loan periods for these items are set by the instructor and may be designated as In-Library Use Only (3 hour maximum), 1-day, 2-day, 3 day, or 1 week loans. 

Late Fees

Item Daily Fee
Books  $0.50 per day/per item
Reserve items (in-library use or short-term loan) $1.00 per hour
Magazines/Journals $0.50 per day/per item

Fines continue to accrue for each day the library is open and will continue to accumulate until the item(s) is returned.

No additional items may be borrowed until late fees have been paid in full.

Fees may be paid in the library (cash only) or in the Cash Office located in 2H1.  Please contact the library for an accurate tally of total fees owing prior to paying at the Cash Office.

Late fees remain on your library account indefinitely.

Failure to pay outstanding fees will result in a hold on your Banner account (unable to view marks or register for additional courses) and/or your diploma may be withheld until your account is cleared. 

Food and Drink Policy

Food and drink are prohibited in the library with the exception of lidded beverages.
Please use the waste receptacles located in the library and clean up any spills.

Study Rooms : Rules

Please visit the circulation desk or call extension 2249 to reserve a quiet study room.
First come, first served.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Loyalist  STUDENTS only.

Student cards MUST be shown for EVERY booking. (or current week's schedule from Banner with Photo ID)

Rooms may be booked up to one week in advance only.

Study rooms are NOT to be used as a substitute for a classroom

Rooms may be booked for a maximum of 2 hours at one time, per day. Extensions may be granted upon staff discretion if demand or availability permits.

Room keys and remotes are not to be removed from the library at any time.  Please return key and remotes to circulation desk if you need to step out and indicate that you will be returning.

Food is NOT permitted in the study rooms. 

Treat the room with respect. Leave it as you found it, and report any disorder to library staff immediately.

Do not disconnect cables from ANY of the equipment.

Turn off the TV screen using the remote when leaving the room.

Dry-erase markers for the whiteboard may be signed out at the circulation desk and must be used in the library only.

Due to high demand for the quiet study rooms, the library reserves the right to cancel your booking and allow other patrons to book the room if the key has not been picked up (or arrangements made) within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of your booking.

As a courtesy, please notify the library as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or change your booking.