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Massage Therapy: Getting Started

A client recieves a head and neck massage. Copyright: Loyalist College. (Stock Photo)

A client lies on her back, covered by a grey towel. The hands of the massage therapist are on the client's forehead and chin.

A massage therapist works on a client. Copyright: Loyalist College. (Stock Photo)

A client lies face down a table, covered by a white sheet. The hands of the massage therapist are on the shoulders and neck of the client.

Welcome to the Massage Therapy Research Guide!

Welcome to the Massage Therapy Research Guide at the Parrott Centre. This guide contains a selection of resources for the Massage Therapy program at Loyalist College. 

Resources featured in the guide are organized by type. To explore, click on any of the tabs. There are also tabs for helpful tools like the Library's videos and APA Citation Guide.

Not sure how to get started? Take some time to explore the guide, or contact the Library. We can be reached by email or by calling (613) 969-1913, Ext. 2249.

Evaluating Your Resources

Whether you're using resources from the Library or the web, it's important to evaluate what you're reading! Is it accurate? Credible? And how do you know? The Learning Portal has a great guide to help you get started.

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Keep Us Current!

Found a link that isn't working? Is one of our resources out-of-date?   Get in touch with the library and let us know!

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