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Student Success: Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy?

The American Library Association's digital-literacy task force defines digital literacy as "the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills."

More simply, Hiller Spires (North Carolina State University) describes digital literacy as having three parts:

  1.  finding and consuming digital content;
  2.  creating digital content; and
  3.  communicating or sharing it.

Sources: Heitin, L. (2016). What Is Digital Literacy? Digital Literacy: An Evolving Definition. Education Week, (12).

Books & eBooks

What is Digital Literacy and Why Does It Matter? (University of Derby)

Source: Digital literacy and why it matters. (2014, November 5). [Video]. University of Derby. YouTube.

Online Resources

Streamed Video Collections @ Loyalist College

Did you know that the Parrott Centre has over 23,000 titles available through online streaming? Through your library, you have access to streaming video from multiple collections including CBC, National Film Board of Canada, McIntyre Media, McNabb Connolly, Films On Demand and many more!  
These films can be watched on campus, in classrooms, or anywhere where there’s an Internet connection using your myLoyalist account credentials.

Note:  Public Performance Rights is limited to classroom showings for educational purposes at Loyalist College only.

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