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Readings & Resources : A Guide for Instructors

Created by Trent University and adapted for use by Loyalist College with permission.

Readings & Resources Introductory Video

NOTE:  The vendor refers to this product as Leganto.  It's the same thing, we've simply renamed it to Readings & Resources.

The 2-minute video provides an overview of how Readings & Resources works and what it can do for you.

Readings & Resources is a collaborative web app for creating and managing course readings and resource material. It helps instructors select resources from a variety of sources, involves library staff to manage access and availability, and provides students with direct access to the readings.

Students and instructors login to the web app through their Blackboard courses: look for the link to "Readings & Resources".

Three Stages for Providing Students with Resources

These are the stages you go through to make course readings available to students.

  1. Create a list through Blackboard and add items ("citations") to it.
  2. Send the list for library review (to ensure availability, linking, and copyright compliance).
  3. Publish the list for students to see in your Blackboard course.

This guide outlines the processes at each stage.

Quick Start Options

Need to get up and running soon?

See our "5-Minute Quick-Start" page for getting going now.

Or, follow the red menu for step-by-step directions on required tasks. Start at the top and move down the menu. When you get to "Publish Your List to Students", you've done all the essentials and your list is ready to go.

All required procedures are indicated. When there are options, the option identified as "Quick Start" is probably the quickest.

Once you get more comfortable, you're going to want to add features, and you can move down the list for more advanced options.

We're here to help as much as possible for Fall 2020 online courses. Please contact if you need assistance getting your list created.